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Do you need a reliable mechanic to fix your car? No matter what you drive,we can repair it.

Located in the heart of Cabra, Renault SpecialistsImaal Auto Services make a commitment to service your car to a standard  that will make you want to talk to your friends and family  for all the right reasons.

With over 30 years combined experience servicing cars and light commercial vehicles we can bring you a Main Dealer quality service at a local garage price.

Whether you need to get your car serviced,timing belt and water pump replaced or just get a light bulb changed, we can provide you with that service and more.

Are you tired of not knowing if your mechanic has replaced the part you are being charging you for?

At Imaal Auto Services we take the uncertainty out of the deal.

We can provide you with a unique video recording of your car being serviced that lets you know for certain that you’re getting what you paid for.

We service Renault, Peugot,Toyota,Skoda, Ford, Volkswagen and many more.

To see how we can meet your requirements contact  James and Laurie at

Imaal Auto Services