Auxiliary Belts

How to….change a timing belt on your car

Why should you replace your Auxiliary belts ?

Auxiliary belts drive components such as the power steering pump, alternator, air con and water pump. Over time the belt can start to glaze, crack and/or squeal. The squealing noise is most noticeable on a damp morning or when the steering wheel is turned to full lock. Quite often these belts if left unserviced will fray and eventually snap causing loss of water pump or alternator and a breakdown. In some cases it is not the belt that is causing the problem but the belt tensioner that has become weak allowing the belt to slip and not drive the component pulley.

When should the belts be replaced?

Auxiliary belts last 4-6 years or more. The belt condition and tension should be inspected every oil change. If the belt is noisy but operates as it should it is possible to lubricate the belt with an aerosol dressing however the noise will soon return, the only permanent fix is to replace it.If there is engine oil or fluids leaking onto the belt this will shorten its lifespan considerably.

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