Car Battery


picture of car-battery-corrosion                  picture of a cabr battery bring removed


Why does your car need a healthy battery?

A healthy car battery is a necessity especially in cold or hot weather. Generally when a battery becomes old or run down it will not hold a charge any longer. This means that if you leave your car parked for 2-3 days or more the battery may go flat and won’t crank the engine. A weak battery also puts extra stress on an alternator as the alternator is constantly trying to recharge the battery when its function is to maintain the batteries state of charge not recharge a flat battery.

When should you replace your car battery?

In general a battery will last 4-5 years. If the battery has been run down repeatedly or not mounted securely it will have a shorter lifespan than usual. A fully charged battery in good condition should have approximately 12.6 volts, anything less than 12 volts and the battery should be inspected or replaced and the charging system inspected.

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